☺︎ 9 / 10 SEPTEMBER 2023 ☺︎



  • The Ceder245 offers four Aid Stations and one Dropbox Zone.
  • The race is 245km long with 3700m of elevation.
  • Start at 04h00 on Saturday 9 September from Cederberg Oasis.
  • All bicycles are welcome, except e-bikes.
  • There will be a top 3 podium for a men’s category and a women’s category (with equal prizes for both podiums).
  • Cut-off is at 22h00.


  • The Ceder140 is a sanctioned race with Cycling South Africa and is an official event of the Western Cape Gravel Championships 2023. Riders will need to provide their annual CSA licenses or purchase a day license online 
  • The Ceder140 offers four Aid Stations.
  • The race is 142.7km long with 2200m of elevation.
  • Start at 06h00 on Saturday 9 September from Cederberg Oasis.
  • All bicycles are welcome, except e-bikes.
  • There will be a top 3 podium for a men’s category and a women’s category (with equal prizes for both podiums).
  • Cut-off is at 22h00.


  • The Ceder’s Saturday social event.
  • No official start time; riders start when they please on Saturday 9 September from Cederberg Oasis.
  • Mountain bikes are advised, there is some technical terrain that is exclusively MTB territory.

  • Ceder30mtb riders to also collect race bags from any registration.


  • There will be a top 3 podium for a men’s category and a women’s category (with equal prizes for both podiums).
  • Start at 07h00 on Sunday 10 September from Cederberg Oasis.
  • The race is 22km long with 1200m of elevation
  • The race takes place on extremely rugged terrain. Running on such trails comes with risks that participants undertake and accept upon entering the event.
  • Cut-off at Nuwerust is at 12h00.
  • Final cut-off is at 18h00.


  • A 5km shakeout the day before the CederRun or a social run to enjoy on Saturday or Sunday
  • Can be run on its own to experience the network of trails around Cederberg Oasis and Nuwerust.
  • No official start time; runners start when they please. 
  • No entry needed / free.


Bike lights
Waterproof jacket
Thermal layers
Space blanket
Fully charged phone
Race number
GPS device
Cape Nature Day Permit
Running pack
Headlamp with spare batteries
Emergency rations*minimum of 200 calories



We encourage all participants to treat The Ceder as a self-supported race/ride/run. It is imperative to have sufficient water and nutrition on the bike and trail at all times. There will be minimal route markings on each course, please ensure you have the correct GPX loaded before entering the Cederberg (there is very limited service in the mountain range).

Participants will be in remote areas with little to no cell service where help is not always nearby for extended periods and need to be prepared accordingly in cases of emergency. The race format for each event is solo, with no team points awarded for any of The Ceder events.


The safety and well-being of our runners and riders are a priority, there will be a medical support vehicle on route and ambulance services in case of emergencies. Please be sure to save the necessary emergency contact numbers provided via race day info email and at registration. Please note any emergency race support or assistance will be withdrawn at 22:00 Saturday 9 September and 2pm on Sunday.


The Cederberg is a Wilderness region and we have a strong “leave no trace policy”.

  • Leave no trace and take no souvenirs.
  • Race participants are responsible for anything they discard, which goes into a bin. Any littering on the course is strictly prohibited.
  • Please respect and be aware of other road users, especially on descents and blind corners.
  • Be respectful of animals and the habitat; the mountain range is wild and home to wildlife.
  • Do not take shortcuts, especially on the trail.


Participants may take as much food and beverage as needed from each Aid Station. You will not be allowed to leave any bottles, cans or cups in these areas; please make sure you are sufficiently prepared to carry enough nutrition.


  • Entries are only available online via Quicket. (Entries close 4 September 12:00)
  • You may not sell or gift your entry.
  • Substitutions will be charged an additional R250, no substitutions after 31 July.
  • There will be no refunds made available.
  • Entries will not be transferred to following year.
  • Should the event be cancelled due to any unforeseen issues, all entries will automatically carry over to the following year.


  • Ceder245, Ceder140, Ceder30mtb and CederRun entrants receive a Race Bag with The Ceder sponsors products and goodies.
  • Ceder245 receives Drop Zone facilities.
  • The Ceder Musette.
  • Race number (excluding CederRun 5km).
  • Full medical support on the route; vehicle and ambulance support.
  • Equal prizes for men’s & women’s podiums.
  • Finish line beer courtesy of Jack Black.


  • 5 September 17:00 - 21:00 
    Venue: Cargo, 158 Kloof Street, Cape Town
  • 8 September 16:00 - 21:00
    Race Venue: Cederberg Oasis


Should you need to drop out of the race, notify a race official immediately. If you leave the course and fail to notify race officials, you will be banned from participating in the future (unless assisted from the course by the race medic). Please report to the race organiser or race officials when finished. Contacts will be provided on entry and at registration on Friday evening.


Any person participating in The Ceder Event does so at their own risk. The Ceder, organiser/s, volunteers, staff, sponsors, and Cederberg Oasis take no responsibility for any loss, damage, injuries or deaths.

The Ceder recommends that you arrange your own personal accident insurance, ambulance cover and income protection insurance before participating in the Event to cover any unforeseen personal costs you may incur due to ambulance trips, medical expenses or time off work due to injuries sustained whilst participating in the Event. As a participant of The Ceder, you are responsible for yourself and should know the rules and regulations of the race.

In entering any of The Ceder events, participants acknowledge and agree to all of the above.



  • Cederberg Oasis offers braai facilities and wood is for sale on the premises.
  • Oasis restaurant: Please visit their website for the menu, kitchen closes at 9pm. (There are no vegan options available.)
  • Closest shop and fuel stations: Op-die-berg 65km. (The petrol station is closed on Sundays.)
  • No pets allowed.
  • No 4x4 is needed to reach Cederberg Oasis, although it is recommended due to the condition of gravel roads especially after rains. (We recommend entering the Cederberg from Algeria if you are not travelling with a 4x4.)