ceder22 RUN

A radical run featuring a world of different biomes, brutal but beautiful with technical stretches on the mountain folds behind Cederberg Oasis.

When: Sunday 6 October 2024
Start Time:
Elevation Gain: 1200m
Aid Stations: 1
Cut-Off: 14h00 (12h00 Cut-off at Nuwerust Waterpoint)

The first kilometer of the CEDERRUN is a warm-up stretch of weather-beaten jeep track before the trail turns to rough, rugged mountain terrain. The first climb attacks energy levels with an average 22% gradient, reaching up to an aggressively steep 46%. Bear this climb in mind, it’s also the final descent of the day. 

After the rugged climb, runners reach a gate that marks a shift in the trail, opening up for more runnable, smoother terrain. 

From there, the Rooiberg descent awaits; a technical downhill into the gorge that leads to the sandy banks of Brandskraalrivier. 

Crossing the river takes runners to the Nuwerust Loop, a beautiful 6km waterfall trail with a punchy climb with surreal scenes of the rocky habitat, home to exceptional fauna and flora, before the longest descent of the day - another technical shred to test the ankles and the resolve. 

Another fast section follows which sees runners criss-crossing over the river bed, gaining momentum and gradually shedding elevation. From here, runners are met with the final big climb of the day; a brutal 2km with a gradient of 20% that starts almost immediately. After a scramble to reach the summit, runners find themselves on a flatter, faster section before closing the loop with the rugged downhill behind Oasis before they find their way back home.

Keep an eye on route markers, watch your step, and take in all the views!

🙂 17km, Nuwerust


The Ceder takes place over the weekend of 4 - 6 October 2024.

Entry to The Ceder is via our Quicket Entry Portal. Visit Quicket.co.za to enter. A link can also be found top right in the menu bar.

All entries strictly close Tuesday 24 September 20:00

The Ceder Race is primarily on gravel roads, making a gravel bike ideal. Mountain bikes are also a popular choice, but any bike suitable for long distances and varied terrains is allowed. E-bikes are not allowed.

While every route is clearly marked, it's mandatory to have the GPX file loaded before starting any race. You can acquire all route GPX files from our online store. A download link is provided once completing the checkout process.

Yes. All races, with the exception of the Fun Run, are timed. Your timing chip and race number are provided in your race bag upon Registration. It's mandatory for riders to affix the race number to their bikes and runners to pin numbers to their clothing. Timing chips are affixed to race numbers.

Please check The Ceder Compulsory Kit & Gear section under 'INFO' to ensure you're prepared.

We do not need an official medical certificate; kindly review the indemnity and waiver thoroughly.

You can book all accommodations at Oasis through The Ceder Quicket portal. Priority is given to participants, and bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis. Explore options on The Ceder Event Page on Quicket.co.za

Certainly! Spectators are welcome along all routes. However, outside support is only allowed within 100m of Aid Stations. Unofficial support vehicles are prohibited, and spectators must follow the race from behind the participants at a safe distance.

The weather in the Cederberg can be unpredictable, but shifting the race dates to October should reduce the likelihood of wet and cold conditions. However, early morning starts in the mountains may still be chilly. Please check The Ceder Compulsory Kit & Gear section to ensure you're prepared for any weather.

Yes, the cutoff time for the CEDER245 & CEDER140 is 22:00, while for the CEDER22 Trail Run, it's 16:00.

Race Numbers can be collected prior to the event at Race Registration. Registration will be in Cape Town on Tuesday, October 1st (Location TBA) and will continue at Cederberg Oasis in the Race Village on Friday, October 4th.

Race registration will be in Cape Town on Tuesday, October 1st (Location TBA) and will continue at Cederberg Oasis in the Race Village on Friday, October 4th.

Yes. Please provide a form of identification, such as a Driver's License or ID, when collecting your race number.

Yes, the prize giving is scheduled for Saturday at 18:00 for the Cycling Races and Sunday at 12:00 for the Trail Running. Prize Giving will take place in the Race Village.

Unfortunately not.

19 years old or older.

Unfortunately, no dogs or other pets are allowed at The Ceder venue, Cederberg Oasis.